Monday, February 28, 2011

What the critics are saying about "Artie Q's Guide To Moving In LA."

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"If this book ain't a f***ing great read, then ... then ... then, I'm an Englishman!" 
- Vincent Van Gogh (Dead painter who was actually Dutch)

 "for those who are reluctant to purchase e-books from previously unknown authors, I have to say that passing up Artie Q‘s book means you’ve missed an opportunity to hear a unique and entertaining literary voice."
Elyse Bruce (writer, songwriter, performer, arranger, educator, and arts event organizer)

"I was very deeply moved; I got this feeling best described as A New Courage."
- Corneel De Corte (Gamer, Sculptor, Artist, Performance Artist & Young Person)

"Loads more swear words than I ever use. F***kin' Nice!"
- Corporal David Smith (British Armed Forces in Afghanistan)

"A Must Read: just the truth and nothing but."
- Karen Laverne McDade (CEO of The Q Crowd, Music Lover & Photography Enthusiast) 

"If I had $5.99, I'd buy this book, but I only have $4.99 ... but if I did, I would ... I think. Erm ..."
- Dennis Van Carmarthegan (Editor of Procrastinators Periodically) (Actually it's only $4.79 on Barnes & Noble. Click here. N.B. Author)

"It truly is a 'darkly humourous, finger-pointing narrative of a furniture mover. An outsider looking in, observing bizarre and irrational behaviour on moving day.'  And yes, it’s definitely scary and it’s definitely a hoot ... Artie Q has a talent for creating vivid visuals for his readers using nothing more than the written word.  In the end, as the last page is read, the reader feels as if he’s met each and every character that graces the pages of Artie‘s novel."
Elyse Bruce (writer, songwriter, performer, arranger, educator, and arts event organizer)  

"A really good read. I'm loving it."
 - Mary-Catherine Connolly (Professional Academic, Quilt Weaver & Philanthropic Supporter to the arts)

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